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We have different Varieties, Dwarf, Pink, Java White, and Lousiana Red
Always Primavera Nursery Products
We take pride in our wide selection of quality products. All of the products we offer are grown in our farm, from liners to finish pots.

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February 2014

Agave False 10g
Agave blue 10g
Agave False 7 and 10g
Alocacia California Od. 3 and 7g
Bird of Paradise orange 3g
Bird of Paradise White 7g
Bouganvilla Dwarf Hellen Jhonson 3g and 7g
Apostole Iris 3g
Walking Iris yellow 3g
African Iris white 3g
Cape Honey Suckle 3g
Carissa Natal Plum 3g
Cat Palm 3g and 7g
Confederal Jasmin trellis 7g
Confederal Jasmin Bush 3g
Clerodendrum Quad 3 and 7g
Clusia nana and Pitch apple 3g
Copper leaf Lousiana red 3g
Copper leaf Variegated 3g
Cocoplum Red Tip 3g
Cordilyne Black Magic 3 & 7g 
CordCordilyne Auntie Llyne Cordilyne Auntie Lou 3g
Cordiline Red Sister 3g
Cordilyne Red sesation 3g
Crinum Lily green 7 and 15g
Crinum Queen Enmma 7g
Crossandra 3g
Crotons assorted 3g
Crown of Thorn Assorted 3g
Adeniums Dessert Rose 3&7g
Red Stem Orchid orag 3g
Green Island Ficus 3g
Fire Bush Dwarf 3g
Gardenia Vitchii 3g
Ginger Variegated 3g
Ginger green Shell 3g
Heliconias assorted 7g and 15g
Hibiscus 3g
Ixoras assorted 3g
Italian Cypress 7 and 15g
Juniper parsonii  3g
Juniper Blue Pacific 3g
Monstera 3g

Different varieties, Nora Grans, Maui Red and Yellow, Dwarf  Red, Super King
Producing, Auntie Lou, Red Sister, Red Sensation, and Black Magic
Traveler Tree
We have  15 Gallons.
Also Know as False Agave, we have them in 7g and 10g Containers

Mussaendas assorted 3&7g
Panama Rose 3g
Pandora Bush 3g
Perenskia Cactus Rose 3g
jasmin Pinwheel 3g
Pittosporum Variegated 3&7g
Podocarpus Maki 3g
Raphis lady palm 7g
Siam Lily 1g
Shooting Star 3g
Shrimp yellow and red 3g
Snow Bush 3g
Stragmanta Trio Star 3g
Tibouchina Lepidota dwarf 3g
Traveller Tree 15g
Trinett 3g
Viburnum Odorantisimo 3 and 7g
Yesterday, today tomorrow 3g
ZZ plant 7g